My Journey- New Beginnings

“Life is a party. Dress like it.” -Audrey Hepburn

Welcome to my blog! My name is Ashley Chang. I’m a high school student, artist, and food enthusiast. I love Disney and early 2000s music. Here, I write to share experiences, reflect on past experiences, and explore this wonderful thing called life. I have started this blog in search of the essence and purpose of everyday events, the people around me, places I love and places I want to one day love, and everything in between. I wish to use this blog as a vehicle to discover the balance between uncertainty and certainty, to unblur the lines between risk and safety. I want to learn about myself and about this beautiful world and everything it offers. Ever since I was a little girl, the arts has been my gateway to expressionism. I grew up not playing sports on the streets with my neighbors but instead in my room painting. When I was seven years old, not long after I could write formal, full sentences in English, I discovered the beauty of keeping a journal. My relationship with journalism and expressing myself through writing has only grown since then. These diaries have helped me through so much; I can always rely on writing down my thoughts as a way of ridding my brain of the toxic and irrelevant thoughts clogging my brain. Today, I still find time to write because it is important. Not only is it important to my sanity and the management of my thoughts, I believe it is important to share your thoughts—either with others or your future self. Growing up as an Asian American girl in a middle class surburbia-esque town in the middle of New Jersey has shaped me a lot and I have a lot to share. From insecurities and doubts to revelations and motivations, I wish to express my experiences for what they were, what they are, and what they mean for the future. I am on a search for serenity and peace in everyday life. I cannot wait to cultivate this new portal to finding and sharing the beauty of life with you, and to unearth the presence in prospect.

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