What’s in my Google Keep

It is now seeming like a daily occurrence to come across a famous influencer online posting about what’s in their purse or what’s on their iPhone. Inspired by that trend, I wanted to share something about an app that has helped me through so much this year: Google Keep.

I have always been a big advocate of writing things down. For the first two years of my high school career, I abused the flimsy agenda that the school hands out on the first day of each year; I carried it around everywhere and followed it religiously.

This year (probably because technology is taking over the world and we will soon all be replaced by robots?) I have opted to ditch the traditional paper and pencil agenda book for my Google Keep* app.

Without further ado, here are some things I store in my Google Keep:

1. To-Do Lists 

This one is expected. Google Keep and other to-do list apps are primarily used to write down daily tasks. Because I am a full time student, I often list out my homework using the checklist feature on Google Keep to ensure productivity and to remain responsible.

2. Goals

I always set goals in the beginning of a cycle. I set goals for new years, Chinese new year, new school years, etc. I also set monthly, weekly, and daily goals. While I’m still working on achieving some of my goals, Google Keep has allowed me to be more focused and has helped me prioritize these goals over leisure. Writing down my goals has really helped me be more productive and because a goal is written down, it forces me to actually try to achieve it.

3. Important dates

From the birthdays of loved ones to competition dates to event dates, I keep a list of important dates coming up here. While calendars serve as a visual plan of these dates, I also like to keep a list of dates in my Google Keep as a reminder of what’s coming

4. Thoughts & Feelings

I have become a very emotional person over the last few months. I have also experienced a lot of new feelings and have thought of new things that I would like to remember. When I am stressed, happy, sad, etc., I turn to my Google Keep list of thoughts and feelings to pour out my thoughts. I later look back on these notes to remember different experiences in order to grow from them.

5. Lovely Words

This year I’m taking the AP Language and Composition course in my school. This course (and many of my past English courses) has inspired me to write more and read more. When I come across new vocabulary or any word that I really like, I note the word down in my word list. This list has helped me expand my vocabulary and just fall more in love with the English language.

6. Lyrics & Quotes

To be honest, I used to hate cheesy quotes, songs, and movies. However, because of the emotional roller coaster that is junior year, I’ve been able to relate more to philosophic words. Writing these lyrics and quotes down is ultimately a source of motivation for me.

7. Experience and Lessons Learned

This year has been a year of tremendous self growth. New jobs, new friends, new blog, new experiences have shaped who I am today. Writing down my lessons learned with the complete story of how I learned it has helped me become more put together. These notes remind me not to make the same mistake twice, to set goals and reach them, to focus on yourself, to be a kind person, etc.

8. Links

I have so many links in my notes. Thanks to technology, I can go back to a website with the click of a button. I link everything from potential purchases (because I am waiting for them to go on sale) to well written articles. These links make my life easier and simplify my browsing experience.

Google Keep has been such a big help to me for the last year. I love how it can document my experiences digitally and and how it has made my life more convenient and productive.

The most important takeaway I’ve earned through writing everything down is that I have terrible memory. As a result, simply noting things down as part of a daily habit has helped me to excel in various aspects of my life. I’ve become more organized, more aware of my own emotions, and more appreciative of the little things.

So, go out and buy a journal or start typing in your notes app! Don’t forget that you don’t have to just write your daily to-do list. Make sure to create lists for fun, for memories, and for growth. Happy writing! 🙂

*Of course, there are other apps that you can use to write all of this information down (if you’re not into that, pen and paper will always be there). I personally use Google Keep because it transfers all my information between all my devices easily because it’s through my Google account. I also really love the color coding feature!!


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