📍Fulong Beach, New Taipei, Taiwan

July 31, 2018 – August 1, 2018

On July 28, 2018, the most fun month of my life (thus far) finally ended (post coming soon). I reunited with my mom and my sister to stay at my grandparents’ house in the city of Taipei, Taiwan. Only a couple days later, my family and I headed east towards Fulong Beach for a tropical two day getaway.

We stayed at Fullon Resort and Hotel (福容大飯店), located just a short walk across a cute little bridge to the water. The rooms were spacious and luxurious. Sitting outside on the balcony, feeling the salty ocean breeze against my bare skin was an indescribable sensation.

Our Day

My family and I enjoyed the scenic walk over the bridge to the beach. We sat under a large beach umbrella and watched the children on the beach playing. It was especially nice for me because it’s been probably at least five years since I’ve been to the beach. My sister and I, being the (hip) teenagers that we are, went exploring around the beach to have our own little photo shoot. After a long day at the beach and lot’s of pictures, my sister and I went back to the room to wash up and relax. We then went out to dinner with the entire family in one of the restaurants in our hotel. The restaurant had ocean views and an exterior complete with fairy lights everywhere. We enjoyed many delicacies that I was not used to seeing in the United States. Afterwards, my sister and I decided that we had more energy and that we should go for a swim.


We decided to take advantage of the beautiful infinity pool that our resort had. We swam for around half an hour when my mom came down to inform us that there was a onsen available for us and that we should go try it. Just a couple days ago, on my Taiwan tour as part of the program I was doing, there was a Japanese styled onsen but my friends and I had been hesitant in trying it because we weren’t accustomed to the etiquette behind Japanese onsens. For some reason, I finally decided that I would try it this time and somehow, I convinced my sister to try it with me. After I tried it, I honestly had no idea why I had any hesitation in the first place. It is tradition to be fully nude in a room full of strangers (the hot springs were separated by gender, of course). At first, I thought the experience might have been awkward and embarrassing, but instead, it was relaxing and enlightening. I learned so much about Japanese culture and Asian culture in general. Everything about it was amazing and I am so glad I was able to try this new experience.

The Next Day

I woke up on August 1st feeling refreshed and excited for the day ahead. We ate breakfast at the hotel (buffet styled breakfast bar… it was amazing, for the record) and then headed back to the rooms to get ready for another beach day. I sat on the balcony some more and enjoyed the fresh air and the view. We went on a walk on the beach as well as in the area surrounding it to take lot’s of pictures. The locals were all so nice to us and so helpful in finding directions and showing us the way.


This trip came near the end of my Taiwan trip, as I leave in a couple days. On two day getaway to Fulong Beach, I’ve gotten a lot of time to reflect. It was so nice to slow down for once, because 2018 has been such a hectic, nonstop year for me. I’ve had so many opportunities in my life and even just this year. I’ve been so lucky as to have crossed paths with so many amazing people and enjoyed so many privileges. I’m grateful for all these views I’ve enjoyed, all the food I’ve consumed, and all the love I’ve received. I loved enjoying myself, and being present in the moment at Fulong Beach. I’ll always look back at this peaceful time because as soon as I get back to America, life will be hectic and nonstop once again.. but I’m not complaining! I’ll always be grateful for all the meaningful work I’ve been doing, and grateful for all that I’ve learned and will learn.

My room balcony , complete with a picturesque view of Fulong Beach and the Pacific Ocean

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