3 Things That Have Saved Me This School Year

As the first marking period of my senior year comes to an end, I’ve been reflecting. Even though my schedule has been more hectic than ever, this school year has been amazing so far and I know that it will just get better. But I’ve had a little help.

Without further ado, here are some things that have been saving my butt this school year:

1. My 2-L Water Bottle

Try catching me in school without my giant two-liter water bottle (Spoiler Alert—you can’t). I bought this lifesaver in Taiwan while I was volunteering in the rice fields of Taiwan and continued to use it throughout field hockey season to keep hydrated. But now, I can’t leave my house without it. I fill it up in the morning before school and then drink most (if not all) of it by the time I get home. With this water bottle, I never forget to hydrate and my skin has been thanking me for it. I highly recommend everyone to invest in a big water bottle.

2. Naps

I’ve heard this advice given to new parents, but honestly, I think it applies to any living human being with a busy life. As a person who doesn’t drink coffee, afternoon and weekend napping has saved me from falling asleep during class or being tired during tests. When life gets busy—homework, tests, sports practice, club meetings, and/or college applications (for seniors) start piling up—you have to learn to take naps. Sure, I don’t often get to sleep the recommended eight hours nonstop per night, but by learning to nap, I’ve also learned to waste less time watching TV or on social media—because that time can be used to sleep.

3. A Neat Space

I’ve never really been one to maintain a room worthy of a spot in an Ikea catalog or anything like that. I’ve always figured if it wasn’t dirty (because messy and dirty are clearly different things) and if I wasn’t losing things, then what was the problem? But this year I have been cleaning my room much more frequently and it’s been making me more productive and less lazy. There’s just something about waking up to a visible carpet and coming home to a bed that’s made that feels insanely refreshing. My room would probably still be in the Ikea catalog reject pile, but even the act of organizing my stuff can be relaxing. It’s almost like decluttering my space also declutters my affairs.

These are just 3 things that have been saving my butt this year. If you’ve recently taken on a busy schedule and are feeling overwhelmed, I encourage you to invest in a water bottle, take more naps, and maintain a neat space to stay healthy, increase productivity, and boost your mood.

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