New Year, New Me…?

I usually spend New Year’s Eve at a party with friends. This year, I spent it at home.

Last night at 11:40 p.m., I screamed at everyone in my house and forced them in front of my laptop as I pulled up a live stream. But a few minutes into “Dick Clark’s New Years Rockin Eve”, my sister was scrolling through Instagram stories, my mom was criticizing the people standing in the rain at Times Square, and my dad was fast asleep.

But at 11:59 p.m., I made sure everyone was invested in the countdown that was happening on screen. For a couple of seconds, we were all together, present in the moment and counting down.

And then it happened.

3. 2. 1.

Happy New Year!

On screen, a couple wearing cheap 2019 glasses and wilted 2019 hats were kissing. People cheered and confetti flooded the streets of New York. But when I turned off my laptop at 12:02 a.m., my sister was already Snapchatting her friends, my mom was getting ready for bed, and my dad was, once again, fast asleep.

I crawled into bed and, as I was obligated to do, reflected on my past year. But what even is a new year? What does 2019 mean for me? Writing 19 instead of 18 on the year slot of my homework? Sure, but that was really the only thing I could think of.

I was still the same person with the same dreams and the same struggles. And yes, lot’s of exciting things are coming my way in 2019, but it’s not like I hadn’t known about them in 2018. And the hardships that are coming my way? Those would happen regardless. It dawned on me that New Years, nothing changes. For most people, New Years means a couple of seconds of counting down followed by a “Happy New Year” and maybe some confetti. And in that moment, I realized that New Years was a holiday of the mind.

My Takeaway

The new year is what you make of it. A day for people to move on from the woes of the past year. A day for reflection. A day for hope. But really, New Years to me still seems a little silly.  It is something different for everyone. But at the core, January 1st is just a normal day, and you shouldn’t have to wait for it to go get that gym membership, or to get organized, or to do whatever it is you wanted to write down as your New Years Resolution.


Is the new year a new beginning? Sure, but only if you make it one. It is a great day to start doing something great. But any other day is just as great, because any day can be a new beginning. So, whether it’s January 1st or October 5th, make that day today. Go out and do whatever it is you’ve been wanting to do. Go do something great!

Stay present!

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