How To Spend Your Free Time At Home

As I lounge around at home because the coronavirus sent us home from college early, I have come up with a list of my favorite things to do when I’m stuck at home, especially for when I’m home alone.

In this day and age, free time is hard to find. We spend every minute of our working time wanting to just get a few minutes of free time at home. But now that you’ve got it, nothing on Netflix appeals to you anymore and you’re just sick of laying in bed!

With how hectic my schedule has been recently, it’s crazy to me that even when I have the free time, I continue to look for things to do to pass my time. Thus, here are some of my favorite things to do to be unproductively productive:

10 Ways To Spend Your Free Time

1. Pick up a new hobby!

Is there something that you’ve always wanted to try? Always wanted to get into painting Want to start investing in stocks? Have an idea for a new book? Now is the time to try it out!

2. Learn a new skill!

There are so many materials online now to learn new skills. Sometimes, skills like programming, photoshop, new languages, or even how to play the recorder can come in handy! A little bit of free time can help get you a long way in learning a new skill.

3. Read!

We all have a bunch of books lying around that we have been waiting for the right moment to finally crack open. Now that you have some, go ahead and pick up that book!

4. Watch a movie!

Days at home are the best for watching movies! Having movie marathons with your family, best friends, or even alone snuggled up at home with a bowl of warm popcorn that isn’t overpriced is one of the best ways to spend a free day.

5. Start a new show!

If you have more than a couple hours to kill, starting a new show might be a great way to spend your time! From shows that make you think to shows that make you cry and bring you on a journey. Starting new shows is a commitment and you might not want to do it at first, but it’s usually worth it!

6. Listen to a podcast!

Podcasts are amazing for everything from soothing the soul to taking you on a crazy adventure! Nowadays, there is an abundance of podcasts out there and there is something for everyone!

7. Exercise! 

Getting a workout in is a great way to spend free time. There are so many simple ways to be active, from going to the gym, going on a run, to playing tennis or basketball on your neighborhood courts, to doing yoga in your living room. The options are endless for how to be active. In my opinion, exercising is one of my favorite ways to get my mind off things and to unwind from life.

8. Bake or Cook!

Trying out new recipes is so underrated and one of my favorite things to do. Cooking is great because not only do you get to be creative and learn how to make exciting new dishes, you get to eat it afterward too!

9. Clean around the house!

Sometimes reordering your stuff helps to reorder your life. When you’re stuck at home and looking for something to do, it really helps to do put on some music and clean around the house. It can be therapeutic and will really help to make you feel so much better if you feel anxious at all.

10. Video call your friends!

Catching up with friends is a great way to spend free time. I feel like sometimes it’s hard to get a chance to actually talk and catch up with our loved ones since our lives are all so busy. Plus, any of the activities listed above can be done on video chat with friends!

I hope you try out some of these things on this list when you’re stuck at home and bored! As I continue to socially isolate myself during this coronavirus outbreak and through life in general, I know this list will grow and I’ll find so many more things to do when I want something to do at home.





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